Fantastic Electrical storm in Gloucester!

Gloucester Electrical Storm!
Flashes as bright as daylight (1am 18-07-2014)

Huge Electrical storm hitting Gloucester the early hours of this morning! It was approximatly 1 am and the skies were being lit up by purple and pink flashes of lightening!

Amazingly it’s still going on now and looks set to continue for a bit now :)

Heres a few Stills managed to capture during the storm!

Huge Light showing multiple branches.

My first post of many

Hello everyone!

Moving in a slightly new direction for this site now, over time it has been up and down with various different topics, goals and information.

Now is probably the time to start some proper organisation and hopefully start a collaborative effort to give a broad range of topics, help and information with everyone (this could be you) :)

So sit back and enjoy.  Feel free to add comments, feedback or reviews (for obvious reasons out of context profanity and direct abuse/targeted slur or general nastiness will be removed or filtered out)
This doesn’t mean individuals cannot express themselfs freely! Everyone is different and have a right to their own opinions and views, as a result some of you may find things I or others say/write/post offensive. Should you feel very strongly about anything found here then please Get in touch. It will be given careful review and if deemed appropriate then will be removed, either way you will receive a reply explaining the decision ASAP. “Site Admin’s decision is final.”

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